Hey there! 
I am a lighting designer for live performance, whose interests mostly lie in all things fueled by music and collaboration. I am currently based in New York as an MFA lighting design candidate at New York University.
As a Washington native, I have worked with many wonderful collaborators in and around the Pacific Northwest, and I am now expanding to new stories on the east coast. Whether indoors or outside, I cherish the opportunity to observe and create, but most importantly, the people I'm able to do it with.
As a graduate of the Film and Photography program at Montana State University, I am comfortable with various storytelling modalities, and welcome the exploratory space of the blurred lines between. My background points to film, television, theatre, and dance, but really I strive to further my understanding of the human condition through musical and psychosomatic explorations. I love jazz, deep red wines, and anything to do with water.

If you'd like to give me a shout, go ahead and use the mail icon in the corner above. Thanks for stopping by!
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